Asian Black Bear Research Group

ご挨拶 / Welcome


We research on the biology of Asian black bears and its habitat environment at the Okutama Mountain in Tokyo, Ashio-Nikko Mountains in Gunma-Tochigi Prefectures, and the Russian Far East area as study sites.
The objective of our group is to promote interdisciplinary surveys and research on Asian black bear to deepen the biological understanding of bears, thereby providing appropriate scientific contribution to the conservation or management of bears and conservation of its habitat. It is to provide knowledge and to return the results to society.
The social role of our group is to understand the biological characteristics of Asian black bears through long-term research and to provide appropriate scientific information to the scientific community and the general public.
The goal of our group’s activities are (1) to clarify scientific knowledge on general and universal Asian black bears based on long-term research based on an interdisciplinary viewpoint, (2) to disseminate information to solve various problems related to Asian black bears to administrators, scientists and the general public through publishing results.

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